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Finnegan's Garage
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Brian Hickerson
Brian Hickerson 4 hours ago
Balls of steel
Edward's Sisters'Hands
Doing better than Cleetus.
Dave Mclaughlin
Dave Mclaughlin 4 hours ago
G'DAY Mike & Dave,that Argo & Skits, bought back memories of during the summer holidays,1974-1978 for 6 weeks from beginning of December to the beginning of February,the local television RTQ7( Regional Television Queensland channel 7), ran cartoon characters driving around ARGOS, called "BANANASPLITS", dressed in primary colours,RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, you pair could be sta.rting a Retro cartoon thing,as always, Kindest Regards, Dave McLaughlin Queensland Australia
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 4 hours ago
I can see the headlines now... Breaking News!!! Finnegan gets sued by Sasha Banks for his Like A Boss comment...lol
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 4 hours ago
Great toy👍
Rob Bob
Rob Bob 5 hours ago
Needs a wrap and dot golf cart wheels
Erik Carson
Erik Carson 5 hours ago
Also liquid nails would help. And as long as your using 2"x4" you might as well put a block of wood in each corner and at the outer ends tight to the floor and up to the bottom of each level all the way up to the bottom of the top shelf 2"x4" bracket. That way the load is transferred down all the way from the top shelf to the floor. Was that just word salad? Well I can see it my minds eye better then I can describe it. Man I wish I were there, I could build it faster then I could explain it.
J Kelly
J Kelly 5 hours ago
“Name another UTV you could do this with”... Sherp
Jeffrey Dillner
Jeffrey Dillner 6 hours ago
Taking the 2X4 because it is gold nowadays.
Andrew peterson
Andrew peterson 6 hours ago
that tractor flap!
Wade Benjamin
Wade Benjamin 6 hours ago
Now you got something to bring gas out to GameOver when you run out...
Gerry Rogue
Gerry Rogue 6 hours ago
Nope it floats just like mine does
David Cummins
David Cummins 7 hours ago
So, What ever happened to the Vette?
Ian MacKinnon
Ian MacKinnon 7 hours ago
Nascar was running near 900hp on 5.8L 358's N/A at 9000+RPM and carbs until 2012 they went efi. Well cup engines anyways. And now recently they run tappered spacers most places now. Not sure if they run the full power anymore.
Matthew Willshire
Matthew Willshire 7 hours ago
Whistleing diesel done this already......slack content
Dr Recoil
Dr Recoil 8 hours ago
Do you have a couple tanker trucks full of fuel by any chance? Y'all are gonna need em. Hope everyone down there is ready. Good luck
Carl Stout
Carl Stout 9 hours ago
i love your sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mr740 9 hours ago
prices on squarebody pickups are going sky high, blazers are going there `burbans are next up.
Boots 478
Boots 478 9 hours ago
Finnegan, as a GA boy who relocated to PA. Please understand that "clean" in GA and PA are two vastly different things. A "clean" PA truck will definitely have rust, and may even have rust holes.
King Ave Garage
King Ave Garage 10 hours ago
Go from Cleeter and hover craft to Red Beard and ARGO, what toy is next?
rp20832 10 hours ago
Watching Finn heading towards the lake at 1mph screaming "this is gonna be awesome" is like seeing Deadpool on the Zamboni :D
Will Varden
Will Varden 10 hours ago
Slap some badass paddle wheels on there and that thing would be a fun little puddle jumper.
Dan Walswick
Dan Walswick 11 hours ago
Can't friggin wait for the caddy, LETS GO
Dan Walswick
Dan Walswick 11 hours ago
Jason Coleman
Jason Coleman 11 hours ago
The jet ski trailer needs some floats on it so you can drive the whole contraption into the H2O to launch the skis and keep the trailer floating.
Big Willy
Big Willy 11 hours ago
I've got 3 55 Chevys, one hard top and two sedans. I had the hard top painted really nice about 10 years ago and haven't touched it while I continue to love and upgrade the ratty 210 post. It's something about those rusty ratty jalopies that only those who love them can understand. In the mid 60's when I was a child, you could buy these things for 50-100 bucks all day long. Some older teens that lived down the road were doing this, buying clapped out 55-57's, immediately cutting a hole in the floor for a shifter and of course loud or no pipes. Remember, if it doesn't make babies cry or women faint, you ain't doing it right. Long live the 55-57 Chevy, THE American hot rod.
Mr. Preskit AZ
Mr. Preskit AZ 12 hours ago
Duel outboards!!
Owen Simmons
Owen Simmons 12 hours ago
Awesome! 😎😍🔥
deckert618 12 hours ago
needs a turbo and bigger paddle tires :)
Ray Hancock
Ray Hancock 12 hours ago
mike you need to go see the guys at H&H trailers and get one of their speed loaders, I have had the 12k lb one for over 15 years, loose the ramps they are an accident wating to happen...
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 13 hours ago
the 67and 68 Pontiac Firebirds have a much better looking front end than their Camaro cousins.. 69 not so much. (FUGLY )
Kareem Makkawi
Kareem Makkawi 13 hours ago
“Is this man gonna lift”! Hahaha best reaction
Sunset JeffyBoy
Sunset JeffyBoy 14 hours ago
Another “best day at work ever” moment. Too cool
Joe Nagel
Joe Nagel 14 hours ago
There has to be a can I drive into the lake, launch the skis, turn around and drive back out video 😂
danny crayton
danny crayton 14 hours ago
Hey , the Mahindra roxor has a 3500 lb tow rating ,just sayin
That Billy Kid
That Billy Kid 14 hours ago
what episode was the charger first in?
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams 14 hours ago
Put the JetSki motor in the back
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend 16 hours ago
We definitely need a build video on the Argo
Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez 16 hours ago
Get with Scott over at Kentucky Ballistics. He has a 3x3 that he uses on a bunch of his videos. He may have some pointers for you
Mark French
Mark French 17 hours ago
So when are you going to get a mini jet boat so you can mob around with Garrett?
Shaun C
Shaun C 17 hours ago
Lol the old guy in the background doing yard work not giving a single fuck
Moddertutorial1 18 hours ago
You need to mount a small outboard on the back of it
Cameron Casper
Cameron Casper 18 hours ago
The guy will be able to sell that 2x4 and get a new 6x6
Nate Pletz
Nate Pletz 18 hours ago
How much longer is the OG roadkill ramp truck in paint??????
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson 19 hours ago
What's happening with the Cadillac build
Sean Duggan
Sean Duggan 20 hours ago
27:54 That cringe worthy moment someone rubs the freshly painted body. Then to realise that somebody has a ring on and you hear the ring side all the way down the side
David Riley
David Riley 20 hours ago
Slowly but surely Finnegan is accumulating the cast of BIG RED RACING.
Connor Ohoare
Connor Ohoare 21 hour ago
So is road kill still a thing ? I thought it ended a few years back so then finnigan started doing this
Connor Ohoare
Connor Ohoare 9 hours ago
@Flat4Buggy 2 ah ok cool cheers mate !
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 10 hours ago
Yes, they are still filming Roadkill. (Motor Trend just released episode 120 last week) However, Motor Trend isn't really on US-first anymore. After their parent company went bankrupt back in 2018, they sold to Discovery. Now, they're only available on streaming services in the U.S. You can subscribe to the website, (motortrendondemand) the Motor Trend mobile app, or the Motor Trend Channel through Amazon prime for $5 a month. Finnegan also has his own show, "Faster With Finnegan." They also have a lot of Discovery's automotive TV content as well. Mike is just doing this channel on the side, for extra money.
Boyd The Goofball
Boyd The Goofball 22 hours ago
A Honda ATC 110 will float barely if you are not on it.
Eric Stone
Eric Stone 23 hours ago
Reminds me of my wife. You only get one of two responses. It’s either “Oh hurry up and finish it I love it” or “sell it”.
Tortuga speed shop
Tortuga speed shop 23 hours ago
I would’ve kept the suburban and don a tail cut on it to make it into a Tahoe….. or is it a tahban or a subho 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 23 hours ago
No offense love ur vids. But u should just got a big 4wheeler or side-by-side
Mikael sollén
i like this jackass 20 years later
Jesse james
Jesse james Day ago
Carlsbad my home town been through that pass and check station plenty of times
Trent Marlowe
La la la, la lala la la. One banana two bananas, three bananas four. I' ve wanted one of these since seeing the Banana Splits Just awesome
Connor DeNardis
You can see cletus McFarlands truck and trailer in the driveway
Derek Watson
Derek Watson Day ago
used to sit in the back of a 6 wheel version of something like that in the 80's when we were Grouse beating in the Scottish border country !
Paul Ron
Paul Ron Day ago
Did ya get wet
douglas hus-tu-ees Nichol
nice truck man ....
Michael Morris
Time to hit up JP Racing for a rotax on boost. Kohler on land, rotax at sea. Crazy big back compartment to house all the jetski gear.. The wake would be incredible!! (first 8x8 wake-boat, ever..first wake boat you can drive on land, first 8x8 to do 40 knots...etc...)
jeff Day ago
The breaks keep hanging up , meh lets cross the lake
Yeah but did ya get some of that squirrel pelt in tha deal
James C
James C Day ago
I was thinking early in the video, that thing needs some ballast in the rear. Solved.
B C Day ago
Every kid who read the back of popular mechanics and popular science magazines wanted these things back in the day! Great stuff as always Mike.....🤘
marty Day ago
News flash. That would make a great fire.
marty Day ago
What's Mr. Wizard's brother doing there??
devianb Day ago
Where I am from that is considered a nice Suburban.
Matt Miksch
Matt Miksch Day ago
You could add a hitch to the front end for launching with great views.....
Brandon Mays
Brandon Mays Day ago
Suburban and sniper for that Argo? Dude got a deal
Matt Miksch
Matt Miksch Day ago
Huge fan of yours for many years, Finnegan! Love watching you and your buddies' hijinks! Thanks for sharing everything you do!
Mike Greenen
Mike Greenen Day ago
When i was a kid in the early 70's used to watch them at the factory test them on a hill and some mud
wally hikes
wally hikes Day ago
What lake is that? Looks so nice.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 10 hours ago
Lake Acworth.
I really REALLY hope this thing gets an engine swap 😂
Christopher Snyder
hang an outboard on the back zooom zoom
Remember when these were just called "trucks" and hauled families, kids sports teams and big wooden TVs? Pepperidge Farm remembers
tithund Day ago
I have a shitty rc car with left and right throttle, and the throttles toggle from 0 to full, with no in between, the steering of this reminds me of it.
Carl White
Carl White Day ago
Those Argos are cool, I have a 6 wheel that I am going to restore, thought about putting a Harley shovelhead motor in it.
OllamhDrab Day ago
I was thinking a good sized trolling motor for docking maneuvers. :)
antonio ramirez
Just throwing out an idea, convert to hydraulic drive