Dyno Results for the Body-Dropped and LT Swapped Chevy C10: Finnegan's Garage Ep.140 

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There's a lot going on in today's episode. First, Newbern and I attempt to build new shelving in the shop and attach it to the concrete walls using a high-powered nail shooter, which doesnt work at all. In fact, the 2x4 wood falls right off the wall before we can ever stack any boxes onto the shelves. Since that wasn't working we decide to head to Mo's Speedshop in Dallas, Georgia, to fix the tune on my 1967 Chevy C10. It was running real bad and although it took several hours to figure out why, in the end the Chevrolet Performance LT4 made over 640 ft-lbs or torque at rear tires, which is awesome!
Here's a link to the crate engine that's under the hood of the C10:
Here's a link to the awesome sequential gearbox:
and if you'd like the new Finnegan Speed and Marine C10 shirt or some stickers and a hat then go here:
thanks for watching!

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Apr 4, 2021




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Alpha Worx
Alpha Worx 3 hours ago
Usually about 13.1 to 13.8 in boost on direct injection. If you get down to 12.5 you have an issue or you're dumping about 40psi down its throat.
Erik Carson
Erik Carson 7 hours ago
Also liquid nails would help. And as long as your using 2"x4" you might as well put a block of wood in each corner and at the outer ends tight to the floor and up to the bottom of each level all the way up to the bottom of the top shelf 2"x4" bracket. That way the load is transferred down all the way from the top shelf to the floor. Was that just word salad? Well I can see it my minds eye better then I can describe it. Man I wish I were there, I could build it faster then I could explain it.
DibsRibs 7 days ago
For putting up those boards I would get some 3 inch concrete screws and just drill a hole big enough for the screws to fit in the 2x4s
Daniel Vrana
Daniel Vrana 9 days ago
Molly bolts!!!! Red Heads!!!
C W 13 days ago
I love what you guys are doing just don,t drive past my house. It,s too damm loud and I,m old. I gotta take a nap.
Doc's GearHead Gaming
Just use nails in the wall's guys. Pre Drill your holes to the diameter of the nail's 3" spikes work good, Buy some hay wire, make a loop around the tip of the nail and wrap the wire down the nail. if done right when you drive the nail into the predrilled hole the wire will compress around the nail and fasten it securely to the wall. Just get it right the first time cause they are a pain to pull out once the wire is compressed lol
Loyd Courson
Loyd Courson 15 days ago
You guys did it awesome!!
berky1976 15 days ago
I thought the transmission only required the clutch in first gear? Am I wrong there? I could have sworn that Finnegan said that when he intro'd the tranny back at the beginning of the build. I think I'll look up that episode and give it a watch.
Jessie Allen
Jessie Allen 17 days ago
hey finnegan titan concrete bolts will be the magic you are looking for. ive used Ramset's, blue screws, red head wedge ancors. all will leave you pissed off.you need a roto hammer or hammer drill to predrill but once your hole is drilled you just put any impact gun on the proper sized titan bolt and run it in.if its not right put the impact in reverse and back it out and try again. totally reusable.
Jessie Allen
Jessie Allen 17 days ago
ps tapcon are blue screws just dont they only work 25% of the time
R&S Machining & Welding
Thunbs down and wont watch because how does a car guy call it ft lbs of tq instead of lb ft of tq. Is this amateur hour over here or something
T Nelson
T Nelson 18 days ago
About a $500 dollar shelf in the current day and age. Newbern has really grown on me, I like that guy! Good addition to the channel.
Have Kevin Smith from KSR Performance take a look at it he's a Holley expert 👍🏻
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp 19 days ago
Screw anchors not common in the US?
Tim Ort
Tim Ort 22 days ago
I've done alot of water proofing don't use a rams head when ya have any issues with water. I recommend tapcons they don't creator your concert also tapcons can be dipped in epoxy making it water tight.
J M 24 days ago
He should've been following Matt @ sloppy.. And or Faster Proms..
Larry Koziol
Larry Koziol 25 days ago
I am guessing me face palming watching them build shelves would be the same as if they were watching me adjust a carb.
Larry Koziol
Larry Koziol 25 days ago
To be a gearhead on some level & to not be a gun guy is such a foreign concept to me. The elegance of the mechanisms for both when properly executed are things of beauty. Whether we are talking a AKM, Jeep, Rolls Royce or Holland & Holland double rifle the work especially the handcrafted ones & design are amazing either in their simplicity, reliability or beauty.
Alex Crouse
Alex Crouse 26 days ago
Do part throttle pulls!
In the thumbnail of this video your truck looks like it’s bent still the nose drops and the tub looks to be sloping back as well..
Heatshield Products Inc
Insight of the house is a good rule of thumb!
Flat Kangaroo
Flat Kangaroo 28 days ago
Didn't know fsm stood for finnigan shelfs and maintenance
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh 28 days ago
Why on edge of the rollers like that? For a reason or does it not matter?
Brian Ickes
Brian Ickes 28 days ago
dropping Hertz
dropping Hertz 29 days ago
It would probably Help if u used treated wood with the RamRoD lol..💪
djp73 29 days ago
Edward Alamo
Edward Alamo Month ago
Locite adhesive is better
83alpinab9 Month ago
A couple of things with run ability stand out. Excessive crank time till it fires off. It should fire right away 5:32. When it stops pulling it shuts down entirely. Seems electrical. I suspect spark is missing on all cylinders when it happens. Something as simple as a bad engine block ground could cause this. I have been lucky in the past and maybe you sort out the extended crank problem and both problems go away. I had a car that ran fine until the exhaust was worked on, it turned out that the exhaust was the only ground for the engine block. When checking for spark it had no spark when testing it with the plug grounded at the engine but had spark when testing against the chassis. An inspection found a severed engine block ground..... easy fix, hard to pinpoint. Good luck and keep up the quality videos. Always fun to watch.
Heath Crow
Heath Crow Month ago
Bakers racks are around $ 100. & they hold a ton of weight ! Much easier than wood
Heath Crow
Heath Crow Month ago
Blue screws or concrete nails
BJ Johnson
BJ Johnson Month ago
The 2x4 is too thick for that
Mike Norrod
Mike Norrod Month ago
Finnigan can you update us the backfire under load with the C10 ,did you find a solution?
Have you checked the Throttle sensor? To see if it is calibrated correctly or maybe even shorting out, causing the timing to go weird or tell the engine timing to go too far advanced or something? You know what they say: Lean is mean~!~
Those ramset guns work better with a harder pin when the concrete is cured after 27 days as well as with a shot that is a magnum shell instead of the fresh concrete shot.
You would be better off using a drill bit and a concrete wall anchor system for that shelf framing job you are trying to anchor to the wall. Those Ramset concrete pins work better when used to anchor wall floor bottom plates to the concrete to keep the bottom plate of wall framing from moving when kicked or hit so the wall will not move out of plumb. Maybe you should have studied a little bit before attempting this project. A little preparation would have gone a long way here to keep from looking like total armatures here.
scootbmx01 Month ago
you can run a DI lt4 at like 13:1.
77 Zrod
77 Zrod Month ago
Forced induction or high compression like to run 12.5:1 or higher air/ fuel ratio easily.
ausscorpio Month ago
So basically a blank that shoots the nail into the wall. OK. Also Have fun!!!!
George Merusi
George Merusi Month ago
Can't wait to see this thing ripped at a HPDE track day
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey Month ago
It’s called a blank round.
Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber Month ago
It's called a Hilti gun
Talisman1957 Month ago
You got some catching up to do - 227 in 5th at 7600 rpm, and one more gear to go (T56 Magnum) us-first.info/player/video/ZpuNpbFkZJamaXE.html
GunPilot Month ago
Cool, Jeff & Mo's tuned my 4.6L ford in my "58 F100. Works perfect!
Tory M Blue
Tory M Blue Month ago
oh love the cage work, not going through the class, tight tight tight and great fitment through the dash. yes please! :)
James Nowell
James Nowell Month ago
Just an FYI they like very tight plug gap. Like .018 tight
cory blum
cory blum Month ago
on engine masters season one episode2, they had random misfires and tuning issues due to duel plane intake and fuel injector location / imbalance... was corrected when they installed a single plane intake... might be you issue... ask freiburger
W Kevin Long
W Kevin Long Month ago
You don’t live far from me. Be happy to come by and tapcon the boards to your wall for you!😎
Sam Ram
Sam Ram Month ago
Did you get your cell phone off the bed before driving home?
MRBLACK947 Month ago
Damn guys, The tuning by guesstimation thing is full sketch. That's a lot of money to blow up.
Rick Kelsch
Rick Kelsch Month ago
I know that was bad just throwing stuff at it, lack of experience I guess.
the hackery in this truck hurts my insides. makes for good videos i guess...
it just makes me sad that everything is thrown together then youre surprised when it inevitably fails.
Radar Love
Radar Love Month ago
Should have used a Hilti.
Raymond Farwell
Raymond Farwell Month ago
You have to push really hard to get that nail gun to get it to fire the round. That is the built in safety so someone just can't pull on the trigger have fire. They have three different power ranges the shell are color coded as the strength. I worked a job and they wanted a single door on the garage we held a eye beam up on 2x4 jacks and my boss used to big of a charge and blew the washer that on the nail right thru the hem fir 2x4. You also use use square cut nails and hammer them in with B F H. Mike you looked like you were ready for a moon walk. Love your hannel you guys have so much fun. Shifting your truck is so cool without using the clutch I wish I could shifted my 67 GTO that fast, I use to try, I got pretty fast but that was a long time ago
Matt Bouwman
Matt Bouwman Month ago
HAHHAA, feel like Brian O' Connor. If I dont like what it says, I'll say no and slam it shut
Chris W.P
Chris W.P Month ago
"I feel Like Brian O'Conner with my laptop in the passenger seat".... Was waiting to see the "Danger to manifold" message and sparks from the floor pan dropping out. Left disappointed. (Kidding! Awesome truck man)
Izzy Smith
Izzy Smith Month ago
No invite to the freedom 500?
Jordan Wiley
Jordan Wiley Month ago
Anyone else think at first they were gonna shoot the nails with a separate gun while trying not to hit mike?
Cameron Branch
Cameron Branch Month ago
You would have been better off with tapcons or expansion anchors.
Darren D
Darren D Month ago
It's all fun and games until the rear wheels grab the non rotating surface of the dyno
D- Wake
D- Wake Month ago
This was painful to watch...
Boomer ole bean Williams
Thank y'all, keep me rollin 😂😎
Stephen cummings
double shoot the nails and pl em
burt bacarach
burt bacarach Month ago
12x12 Dave in The Fast and the Firious....
Eric Romano
Eric Romano Month ago
Tradesmen every where is having a Field day with this one
Klaus Von Schmit
Go by Home Depot and purchase 1/4” wedge anchors and shit can that Ramset on cured concrete especially, on a high “psi” strength concrete vertical surface! The only awesome thing about a ramset are using the 22 rounds to scare your buddies by sneaking up behind them with a squeezed round in your lineman pliers and then dropping perpendicular to the ground firing pin sticking out passed the end of pliers of the pliers an 1/8” inch..
moparsquid Month ago
WOW that's cool also did you see this magic box you put coins in and a cold drink comes out like magic
Shaun Roberts
Shaun Roberts Month ago
Tap Cons.... pre drill hole. There blue screws with a 10mm heads
James Smith
James Smith Month ago
Hey guys I’m a disabled veteran that has followed you and you have inspired me to completely rebuild my 1965 Chevy c 20 and I love your c10 project
Jared Breash
Jared Breash Month ago
The courageous language seemingly ban because architecture descriptively injure despite a ready hot. literate, superficial wall
Redman209 Month ago
As a former cable guy the nail gun was a bit cringe. Anchor kits are so cheap and easy.
Max Torque
Max Torque Month ago
1st rule of tuning, don't try to get your transient and static fuelling correct at once! Do a SLOW accelerator tip in to move vertically up the load line at the engine speed fixed (this allows the dyno to lock onto and hold that speed, meaning you only move in ONE axis across the map) and do it slow enough to NOT trigger the transient fuelling (even better, zero all transient maps!). This allows you to both creep up on problem areas, and means you have some chance of understanding what is happening! Once your base map (with a warm engine) is within about 0.05 lambda, then you can start to look at the transient requirements, because you KNOW the steady state map is correct!
Mike Kendall
Mike Kendall Month ago
Use concrete anchors and a plug in hammer drill. The .22 nailer does not work well on the average concrete. 3/8 concrete anchor bolts are awesome.
fred rubble
fred rubble Month ago
cool truck finn
Daniel Cantrill
Daniel Cantrill Month ago
Chemical anchor is the absolute best method for what you were trying to achieve.
Marty Ochs at Mo's is the Crown vic guru
Michael Kafoure
Michael Kafoure Month ago
Use tapcons they are screws for concrete. Drill a pilot hole with a hammer drill or the hammer drilling function on a cordless drill. They pretty well.
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe Month ago
That is a really nice C10 build. I am also building a 1968 Chevy C10, but it is a original shortbed, fleetside,396 bigblock truck with TH400. I had thought about putting a LS engine in it but I think I will keep it bigblock and hopefully afford a big inch bigblock with procharger or other boost mod and just save the original stock engine. Anyways you are building a really awesome truck and it will be cool to watch the build come together.
Tony L
Tony L Month ago
Decided not to do any steady state tuning rather than power runs?
MrALTRD8 Month ago
Sounds like a good job for Kevin @KSR Performance to dial in the tune 👍
Tony Kemper
Tony Kemper Month ago
Newburn looks like he was in a car seat going to get ice cream with his daddy. Bad ass truck I can’t wait to see it at full potential.
Bret Hutchings
Bret Hutchings Month ago
Use Blue Screws man
jerry henderson
jerry henderson Month ago
Drill a hole in the cement , hammer an anker into the hole you drilled , and put the screw into the anker .
Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett Month ago
That nail gun is pretty fun to work with
Dad's Toy Garage
Your truck sounds amazing! What mufflers are on it?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 Month ago
They're the Bullet Race Mufflers from stainlessheaders.com
Garage It Yourself
Um, aren't you supposed to do a whole bunch of part throttle tuning at different dyno loads to be able to build up your VE table? Once you've filled out a bunch of that then you can do full pulls. Trying full pulls without building up the VE table will cause problems and possibly damage the engine.
Garage It Yourself
Um, aren't you supposed to do a whole bunch of part throttle tuning at different dyno loads to be able to build up your VE table? Once you've filled out a bunch of that then you can do full pulls. Trying full pulls without building up the VE table will cause problems and possibly damage the engine.
Steve Rone
Steve Rone Month ago
Hey, you should always use only pressure treated wood against concrete and you can even get fancy and use the “sill seal” foam
Miami Valley Small Bore
You should use Tapcon screws instead of a Hilti gun.
ShadowOps Airman1
I'd like to see a GMT800 Project (1999-2007) with the LS 4.8-6.0 (LR4, LM7, LQ4/9) with a 8l90 or 10l90 running the wheels.
ShadowOps Airman1
I had better control over one of those nail guns as a teenager lol.
bwizzle105 Month ago
Danger to manifold!
Mike over cash
Mike over cash Month ago
Tap cons work better
Mike over cash
Mike over cash Month ago
Too strong of shot
Jon Hill
Jon Hill Month ago
Support 🇺🇲
72BRONCO351 Month ago
Hammer drill, 16d nail and rebar tie wire good to go
towboatjeff Month ago
Pre drill and tapcon screws are what ya need
marcus king
marcus king Month ago
She level ?
BumDog2112 Month ago
Tires that far forward on the rollers had me wincing. But man does that truck sound evil!!!
Michael Bare
Michael Bare Month ago
Newburn, I hope Mike buys you a lot of breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’re the only one I see working.
Larry Salisbury
Larry Salisbury Month ago
When you putting a load cell on the shifter
Rob Wagner
Rob Wagner Month ago
I'd just use Tapcons
Moto Cross
Moto Cross Month ago
Use tap cons, much stronger and less concrete fracturing.